The Strategy of a Victor

First Class Experience,

This year, we had the honour to welcome Mr. Li Nanxing onboard the Zero Healthcare family and we proudly present you the uR7 Super Series.

The Strategy of a Victor

First Class Experience,

This year, we had the honour to welcome Mr. Li Nanxing onboard the Zero Healthcare family and we proudly present you the uR7 Super Series.


The uR7 Super Series

Introducing the all-new uR7 Super Series AI 2.0 Massage Chair – the pinnacle of relaxation and luxury, ensuring that you get the best massage experience possible. 

World’s First ‘Limbatical’ Stretch Massage program

A unique thigh stretching program, a rare feature in massage chairs, that offers a wide range of health benefits suitable for individuals of any age.

4D Protusion

The inclusion of a 4D protruding roller ensures a thorough and precise massage that specifically targets and addresses problem areas.

Enhance Massage Experience with 3D Surround Heat

Heat effectively relieves pain, and the uR7 Super Series provides a full body 3D surround heat feature that delivers a warm and comforting sensation while enhancing blood circulation.

Empowered High Performance Mechanism

By integrating the latest generation of AI microprocessors, the overall performance is optimised, resulting in excellent performance and minimal interference.

Space-Saving Marvel of Our Zero Gravity Massage Chair

No need to worry about requiring ample space; simply keep it as close as 10cm against the wall!

Negative Ioniser, AI Voice Control

Negative ionisers produce negative ions and have a positive impact on mood and overall well-being, providing a sense of freshness and invigoration. Additionally with AI Voice Control feature, the overall user experience is even more futuristic.


Limbatical Stretch

  • Improving Flexibility

    Stretching the lower body can increase flexibility in the hips, thighs, and calves.

  • Relieving Muscle Tension

    Prolonged sitting or standing can lead to muscle tension and fatigue in the lower body. Stretching the lower body can alleviate this tension and fatigue, reducing lower back pain and other muscle-related issues.

  • Promoting Blood Circulation

    Stimulates blood circulation and helps improve blood flow to the lower limbs, reducing the risk of conditions like varicose veins and other blood circulation problems.

  • Enhancing Body Balance

    Stretching the lower body can enhance overall body balance and stability, reducing the risk of falls and other accidental injuries.

  • Promoting Relaxation

    Stretching the lower body can help the body relax and reduce stress and anxiety.

To summarise, stretching the lower body is a highly beneficial exercise that can help you maintain physical health and mental well-being.


First Class Experience

With exclusive thigh muscles Guasha and squeezing massages, and knee squeezing massages with heat, the uR7 Super Series AI 2.0 Massage Chair takes relaxation to a whole new level.


Been looking for a massage chair that caters to both me and my wife's needs...

George was super friendly and well informed. Truly thankful to him as now we understand better in knowing which massage chair fits us.

Molyadi Bohari

We had a great experience at Zero Healthcare.

Thank you Kenny for guiding us in getting our very first precise massage chair! The process was very easy and smooth sailing... Thank you!

Rose Yus

Had a wonderful experience during the trial. Well served by Kenny and enjoying the massage chairs.

Finally decided to choose the UR7 super series…

Gary Cheong

After trying all other brands like Ste*** and Emp**** I still prefer with Zero because they have most variety massage chairs and Zero equipped with most knowledgeable and experienced explanation! Thanks to #georgezero and #zerohealthcaresg

Merina Chia

uR7 Super Series

The Luxurious Massage Chair Powered by AI 2.0


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3 months (no min.) or 6/12 months (Min. $1,000)

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