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Provides powerful relief for deep muscle tension.

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The Deep-Tissue Relief Massage Chair

Discover the essence of deep-tissue therapeutic relaxation with uShine, a massage chair designed to target muscle tension and promote overall well-being. Experience the art of revitalization and profound relaxation with the uShine series.

Effortless Relaxation and Intelligent Control

Experience the pinnacle of relaxation with uShine, where we’ve harnessed the power of smart AI for your well-being. Our intelligent 3D Movement Program, seamlessly integrated with a smart AI Chip, elevates your massage experience to new heights.

This dynamic combination tailors your massage with precision, making each moment of relaxation unique and tailored just for you. Furthermore, enjoy the ultimate hands-free experience by effortlessly controlling and adjusting your preferred position with your voice.

With uShine, you’re in control of your relaxation, effortlessly.


Unmatched Comfort and Targeted Relaxation

Ergonomic Massage Mastery

Our latest-generation 136cm SL curved track rail, equipped with cutting-edge technology, precisely scans your body.

This advanced system accurately positions the massage rollers to align perfectly with your shoulders and buttocks. Offering you a precise massage, effectively targeting acupressure points and muscle groups. 

Precision-Crafted 3D Mechanics Roller

Further Enhances Your Massage Relaxation

This advanced feature offers precise and skillful massages, focusing on five key areas from the neck down to the buttocks.

Crafted from a blend of silicone and alloy, the massage roller material enhances overall user comfort, providing a truly immersive experience.

What truly sets this feature apart is its adjustable width, spanning from 5cm to 17cm. This adaptability allows the massage roller to cater to the widest, middle, and narrowest areas, ensuring that every user’s unique needs are met.

5 Massage Programs and 6 Distinct Massage Techniques

Catered for Your Every Massage Needs

Whether your well-being goal is spine care, deep relaxation, lumbar comfort, a tranquil night’s sleep, or a spa-like experience, uShine has a program designed just for you.

Delve even deeper into your unique relaxation journey with six expert techniques, from knocking and kneading to shiatsu, clapping, and Tuina, each addressing specific needs from muscle tension and soreness to stress, anxiety, and promoting harmony within the body.

With uShine, your path to well-being is intricately personalized, ensuring a rejuvenating and tailored massage experience like no other.

Full Body Airbags and Thermal Therapy

Pain Relief Solution

Our full-body airbags consist of 16 layers, enveloping your shoulders, arms, legs, and calves with comforting support. You can tailor your experience with three adjustable intensity levels, allowing you to target the areas that need it most, offering a truly personalized pain relief solution.

Moreover, our advanced 45-degree Celsius thermal therapy is specifically designed to infuse the power of heat into your back and calves during the massage. This comforting warmth not only elevates the overall massage experience, imbuing it with relaxation, but also works wonders in alleviating pain and fostering an enduring sense of well-being.

Advanced Air Purification System

Achieve Optimal Health & Relaxation

uShine creates a haven of fresh, clean air during your massage sessions. This remarkable feature not only enhances the overall well-being of your home but also promotes a healthier environment.

As you enjoy the massage chair’s soothing benefits, it silently releases negative oxygen ions, purifying the air around you.

This translates into a healthier atmosphere at home, making uShine your partner in achieving optimal health and relaxation. Breathe easier and immerse yourself in a massage experience that contributes to your overall well-being, both physically and environmentally.


For those who prioritize well-being and seek the pinnacle of relaxation, uShine is the ideal choice.

As an AI-enabled massage chair, uShine seamlessly blends cutting-edge technology with comfort, making it a valuable addition to your home. With its ergonomic design, uShine optimizes wellness without compromising on space, ensuring it integrates effortlessly into any living environment.

With uShine, you can effortlessly achieve the ultimate relaxation experience, all within the comforts of your living space.”


Been looking for a massage chair that caters to both me and my wife's needs...

George was super friendly and well informed. Truly thankful to him as now we understand better in knowing which massage chair fits us.

Molyadi Bohari

We had a great experience at Zero Healthcare.

Thank you Kenny for guiding us in getting our very first precise massage chair! The process was very easy and smooth sailing... Thank you!

Rose Yus

Had a wonderful experience during the trial. Well served by Kenny and enjoying the massage chairs.

Finally decided to choose the UR7 super series…

Gary Cheong

After trying all other brands like Ste*** and Emp**** I still prefer with Zero because they have most variety massage chairs and Zero equipped with most knowledgeable and experienced explanation! Thanks to #georgezero and #zerohealthcaresg

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The Deep-Tissue Relief Massage Chair

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