uVis Massage Chair

Experience the Precision of 3D Protrusion Roller Massage with Space-Saving Comfort

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The Space-Saving 3D Protrusion Massage Chair

A luxury massage chair thoughtfully designed for Singaporean homes, where space is treasured. With uVis, you’ll experience the epitome of relaxation without sacrificing valuable living space. 

Slide Forward, Space Saving Concept

Space-Saving Redefined

In a space-conscious world, uVis stands as a testament to both luxury and practicality. Its innovative design demands just 5cm of space behind, making it an ideal choice for Singaporean homes where every inch counts.

Super Long 3D SL-Shape Curve Track

Total-Body Muscle Relief

The curve track follows the natural curvature of your spine, maintaining precise contact with your body by covering your entire back, from the neck to the lower back, and even under the seat.

By adhering to the body’s natural contours, the SL-Track can provide more thorough and effective massage techniques, helping to relieve tension and stress in various areas of the back, including the neck, upper back, lumbar region, and sometimes even the glutes and thighs. This technology enhances the overall massage experience and contributes to better relaxation and muscle relief.

Experience the Art of 3D Mechanism Massage Rollers

Pain Relief and Enhanced Relaxation

With the rollers’ in-and-out movement, they closely mimic the art of human touch, delivering a massage that’s customized to your preferences.

Whether you seek a gentle, soothing massage or crave deep relief for muscle tension, the 3D mechanism rollers have you covered.

But that’s not all – their deep tissue penetration capability reaches those stubborn knots and sore muscles, ensuring that you experience effective pain relief and enhanced relaxation. The 3D mechanism rollers allow you to precisely target areas of discomfort, be it your neck, shoulders, or lower back, promoting better blood circulation and an overall sense of well-being.

Unveiling the Magic of Automatic Full-Body Scanning

Personalized Massage Perfection

Imagine a massage chair that knows you inside and out, adapting to your unique body shape and preferences. Automatic full-body scanning takes the guesswork out of relaxation.

As you settle into your massage, the chair’s sensors go to work, assessing your body’s shape, size, and position. This data fuels a personalized massage, with massage rollers and airbags automatically adjusting to precisely target your areas of tension.

You’ll experience a massage that’s not just effective but incredibly comfortable. No more one-size-fits-all massages – it’s like having a personal masseuse who understands your body’s needs.

Zero Gravity Mode

Personalized Cloud-Like Comfort 

Experience uVis’ zero gravity feature, which creates a position that makes you feel as if you’re lying on a cloud.

In this recline, your legs are elevated above your heart, and your upper body is gently cradled, forming a posture that evenly distributes pressure and enhances circulation. The zero gravity experience reduces swelling, precisely targets areas of tension and stress, and takes your relaxation to new heights. It leaves you feeling rejuvenated and revitalized, just like resting on a cloud.

12 Massage Programs and 6 Distinct Massage Techniques

Catered for Your Every Massage Needs

Dive into a world of choice and customization with our extensive range of 12 distinct massage programs, each designed to cater to your unique preferences.

Unlock the Ultimate Relaxation Experience with uVis. Whether you seek soothing relief or targeted therapy, uVis delivers.

To top it off, our innovative chair offers six versatile massage techniques, expertly tailored to provide the most precise and invigorating massage you desire. Elevate your well-being, one massage at a time.

Heat Therapy. Foot Reflexology. ‘Gua Sha’ Massage

Your Path to Total Well-Being

To begin, our advanced heat therapy elevates your massage experience, reaching 45 degrees Celsius at the waist.

This focused warmth not only improves blood circulation in the back but also enhances the overall relaxation, leaving you refreshed.

The journey continues with our foot reflexology, designed to provide full-coverage foot massage. At uVis, your foot health takes center stage, and our reflexology techniques ensure that you experience complete rejuvenation.

Finally, the Gua Sha massage, an age-old technique, is integrated into your experience. This ancient art helps to disperse congested blood, promoting healthier circulation. With uVis, well-being is redefined, and you’re invited to a realm of total relaxation and rejuvenation.


In the heart of Singapore, where space is a cherished commodity, uVis stands as the solution to your well-being needs. This exceptional massage chair is thoughtfully designed to bring the ultimate in relaxation to even the coziest of living spaces.

We seamlessly combined advanced technology with intelligent space-saving features, all with the aim of providing you a serene oasis in the midst of spatial constraints.

Its ergonomic design ensures a harmonious fit in your living environment, giving you the gift of unrivaled comfort without any compromise.


Been looking for a massage chair that caters to both me and my wife's needs...

George was super friendly and well informed. Truly thankful to him as now we understand better in knowing which massage chair fits us.

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We had a great experience at Zero Healthcare.

Thank you Kenny for guiding us in getting our very first precise massage chair! The process was very easy and smooth sailing... Thank you!

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Had a wonderful experience during the trial. Well served by Kenny and enjoying the massage chairs.

Finally decided to choose the UR7 super series…

Gary Cheong

After trying all other brands like Ste*** and Emp**** I still prefer with Zero because they have most variety massage chairs and Zero equipped with most knowledgeable and experienced explanation! Thanks to #georgezero and #zerohealthcaresg

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The Space-Saving 3D Protrusion Massage Chair 


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